About BetBoy

We are a simple family of diamond handed chads who follow Bet Coin’s expert bet pickers in the perfect gambling crypto experience. We have 6% Bet Coin rewards! Come to our telegram channel to come learn more and chat with the team and community!

What is Bet Coin? (Taken from their website)

What is the best part of gambling? Winning! In 2021, the US recorded over $53 Billion in gambling revenue… This doesn’t even included all the action taken outside of casinos or sports betting apps, including all of the gambling done in Crypto. The number of people worldwide purchasing sports picks from professional bettors, otherwise known as handicappers, is on a sharp incline… There are also elite gambling funds, but they typically have extremely high minimum investments (often over $100k USD).

Well at Betcoin, we are giving everyone the chance to invest as little or as much as they want in a gambling fund run by the best handicappers out there! These pros are so good that many sportsbooks won’t even take their bets! Join the action and watch how good these pros really are!